Watch: Sofia Vergara Hits Her Assistant On Mi Vida Con Toty

By: Iris M. Estrada

Sofia Vergara hits her assistant! But don’t worry the Colombian TV star hasn’t adopted a Naomi Campbell-complex just yet. The super mogul simply had an accident — a hilarious one caught on tape.

In the latest sneak peak of Mi Vida Con Toty, a mockumentary being developed by her 20-year-old son, Manolo — Vergara makes viewers believe she’s the greatest dart-thrower in the world by landing a bull’s eye with the same ease and confidence she has to make men swoon.

But in a move that resembles the attitude of her feisty yet hardheaded character on Modern Family, Vergara tries her luck with two darts and takes it to the next level by closing her eyes before making her throw. She might be good, but even a dart-throwing diva needs to keep an eye on her target. Vergara’s curves can make any man weak in the knees and apparently her throwing arm can do the same...

Vergara’s son, a film-student who has been documenting his mother’s life for the past five years, is proving that having a sense of humor runs in the family. Mi Vida Con Toty will include never-before-seen home videos and behind-the-scene clips on the set of Modern Family. The project will also feature interviews with Vergara’s old friends and teachers from school.

Mi Vida Con Toty is set to debut on NuevOn, the new celebrity-oriented, Hispanic YouTube channel developed by LatinWorks Entertainment and former Vice President of NBC, Ben Silverman. Last year, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google — which owns YouTube — was investing more than $100 million to develop original programming with the hopes it would contribute to a broader range of entertainment and attract more visitors to the site.
Since the release on NuevOn this month, the channel has already reeled in 6,200 subscribers on YouTube along with nearly 400 ‘likes’ on Facebook.