You Have To Watch 'Sesame Street's' Remix of 'Despacito'

Flickr/See-Ming Lee

The family-friendly version of Luis Fonsi’s Despacito is here thanks to our friends who live on Sesame Street, specifically Rosita and Ernie.

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The place where is the “air is sweet” is no stranger to parodies and remixes, remember their cute “Orange is The New Snack”? This time around, Despacito becomes a catchy ode to Ernie’s rubber ducky, el patito, but grumpy old Bert is not happy about it. Too bad, Bert! Ernie and Rosita give us all the friendship feels as they sing in English and Spanish.

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Forget the Justin Bieber remix (we're still tight about his Despacito screw up ), you can say, mami I've made it when Ernie brings Despacito—make that El Patito—to hijos everywhere. Check it out here. 

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