WATCH: Selena Gomez Premieres Exotic Teaser Video For New Single 'Come And Get It'

Our girl Selena Gomez is notorious for starring in awesome music videos, like the catchy dance track "Naturally," the pensive (and more grown-up) "A Year Without Rain," and the hilarious "Love You Like a Love Song," which marries Selena's playful and funny qualities with her penchant for singing songs about love and romance. 

There's no other young Latino artist at the moment whose music videos so closely resemble the person behind the music. Selena infuses her songs and her videos with her personality and interests, making them not only fun and organic, but also really interesting and relevant. There's a story behind all of her videos and Selena looks drop-dead-gorgeous in every video she's ever been in!

All of this is also true about the newly released snippet for Selenita's latest video "Come and Get It," which hit the web this week. In the video, a sultry and mature Selena strikes various poses -- a smile, a frown, a prayer, a disatisfied look and a photo that seems to portray her as absolutely giddy with excitement. If the video is mysterious, it's probably because it's trying to be. Selena is at yet another interesting stage in her career (she's successfully made the transition from TV to movies!) and she's no stranger to reinventing herself -- this new video promises to show us a new side of Selenita and we can't wait to see what it is! 

'Come and Get it" is scheduled to be releeased April 8. Check out the snipppet in the video below!

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