WATCH: Nick Cannon Addresses all the Crazy Mariah Carey Pregnancy Rumors

Nick Cannon visited the sets of Access Hollywood and the Rachel Ray show and gabbed all about his wife Mariah Carey's pregnancy, addressing everything from her cravings to baby names.

“Most of [her cravings are] really healthy,” Nick told AH's Billy Bush. “She’s craving a lot of fruit. She sent me out for candy apples one night. I don’t know if that still fits in the fruit category, but it was definitely a tough time,” he laughed. “I had to see if there was circus or a carnival in town!”

When Bush asked about the possibility of twins, Nick didn't outright deny that the pop diva was carrying multiples, but did say that they were waiting until the birth to find out the sex of the child.

“That [twin] rumor came from an interview Mariah did where she was talking about her Christmas album and how she’s been singing so much, and she referred to her stomach as ‘they,” Nick explained. “She said, like, ‘I hope they don’t hate Christmas.’ From there we heard all of these twin rumors."

“But we want to be surprised,” he continued. “We were told that it’s going be one of the biggest surprises of your lifetime to see what the sex of the baby is, so, we’re trying to wait. But you never know.”

Cannon dished to Rachel Ray about the names, telling the cook that he and Carey picked out names the very first day they met! It must have been love at first sight. Watch the interview below: