WATCH: New mun2 Documentary 'Black and Latino'

Afro-Latinas Christina Milian, Tatyana Ali, and Judy Reyes are among the celebrities sharing their voices for the mun2 original interview documentary Black and Latino, which airs today on

These stars discuss the challenges in identifying with being either Black or Hispanic or as Afro-Latino. From proving one’s culture in a casting room to instructing others how to define who you are, this documentary discusses this hot topic issue from the perspective of those who have struggled with their personal pride for their Latin heritage as well as their African roots.  

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“You’re not one or the other. You’re both,” Avatar actor Laz Alonso says in the documentary video.

Actress Tatyana Ali also says, “I am both.”

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Musician Javier Colon, news anchor Soledad O’Brien, actress Gina Torres, and singer Kat de Luna also round out the list of distinguished Latinos who shared their own stories of discrimination, language barriers, and complexion differences.

Watch a sneak peek of Black and Latino below!

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