WATCH: Naya Rivera Gets Her Flirt On in M&M's Super Bowl Commercial!

She steals the show as Santana Lopez on FOX's hit show Glee and now Naya Rivera has stolen the show during the Super Bowl! 

The talented Puerto Rican actress was the perfect combination of hilarious and endearing in a new M&M's commercial that aired during tonight's Super Bowl!

In the commercial (which we've been playing over and over again!), Naya gets her flirt on with a red M&M while he plays the piano and belts out Meat Loaf's "I'd Do Anything For Love." Romantic, right? 

Well, sort of. The romance between Naya and the M&M takes a dark turn when Naya tries to cook (and eat!) her new boyfriend. Que miedo

“Red sings a love song to a girl who clearly wants more than just love,” the video is captioned. 

Anyway, the whole thing is absolutely hilarious! Watch the commercial below and tell us if you agree!