WATCH: Miguel Talks About Meeting Prince For the First Time

WATCH: Miguel Talks About Meeting Prince For The First Time
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Since news broke out about Prince's sudden death, stars have expressed their condolences and grief.

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Now, Miguel is speaking about the first time he met his idol. The Mexican-American singer told Angie Martinez on Power 105.1 that he met Prince back at his Baltimore 2015 concert, where the late singer then asked Miguel to sing his hit song, “Purple Rain”

"It was cool...hand shake, hug and then he asked me to sing 'Purple Rain'...and I said I don't feel comfortable signing your song...I wouldn't even cover that song on my own, said the singer."

While the 30-year-old singer politely declined Prince's offer, he may get a second chance. Miguel's name is trending on Twitter thanks to his devoted fans who strongly believe that he should be the one to honor the late singer if a tribute were to happen.

“I want Miguel to do a Prince tribute nobody damn else please,” tweeted a fan.

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Skip to the 11th mark to watch Miguel talk more about Prince: