WATCH: Michael Peña's Lesson on the Importance of “Ñ”

It’s been years since we’ve taken a Spanish language class but luckily for us, we got a hilarious refresher course by Michael Peña. The Mexican American actor recently taught mun2 viewers about the importance of the letter “Ñ”. Check out the cute video below:


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Peña, who stars in Tower Heist, (which is hilarious and out in theaters today!), said that millions of Americans are missing out on a life of romance and excitement because they’re not using the letter “Ñ.” “Its’ like an “N” with a moustache,” the 35-year-old explained in a monotone voice. “Without the moustache… “N.”

“Start using the letter “Ñ” today,” he advised, “or if you don’t have time… mañana (tomorrow). Not manana, like banana.”