WATCH: Manolo Dishes On Life With Mother Sofia Vergara In New Show Mi Vida Con Toti

Sofia Vergara may be the queen of comedy on Modern Family, but now the Colombian funny girl’s son Manolo is proving that a sense of humor runs in the family for his ‘mockumentary’ Mi Vida Con Toti. Yes, Toti.

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Having one of the most beautiful women on the planet as a mother is the source of inspiration for the new series on NuevOn’s You Tube Channel. The 20-year-old will let us in on Vergara’s best motherly words and day-to-day highlights. In case you are wondering, Toti (which sounds like a nickname for a certain private part) is Vergara’s pet name. We can already picture rocking t-shirts adorned with "I love Toti" and "Team Toti."

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Watch a preview clip below on Vergara’s real accent and let us know what you think!