WATCH: Eva Longoria and Kate Del Castillo Make Out in 'Without Men'

Maya Entertainment has released the trailer for a new comedy called Without Men, which features Mexican actresses Eva Longoria and Kate Del Castillo making out while wearing sexy lingerie.

In the film, Longoria plays the mayor of a Latin American village that loses all of its men when they are recruited against their will by guerilla revolutionaries, but something tells us people are going to be talking much less about the plot, and much more about the hot makeout sesh.

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 “It was a little difficult as the two girls are both straight so they were very nervous and laughed a lot,” the movie's director Gabriela Tagliavini tells Fox News. “But I think that just made it even lovelier. [Female audiences] don’t want to watch porn, so it was all very sensual, both are very beautiful women aside from being incredibly funny.”

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And speaking of kissing, CBS news is reporting that Eva is kissing her Las Vegas nightclub, Eve Club goodbye.  The nightclub, which is located within the CityCenter complex, was reportedly losing more than $76,000 per month and is closing due to financial struggles. 

While Eve Club is attached to Longoria's steakhouse restaurant, Beso, Beso LLC bankruptcy attorney, Lenard Schwartzer said Wednesday that the restaurant will remin open because it's profitable.