WATCH: Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield on 'El Hormiguero'

Have you seen The Amazing Spider-Man yet? While the cool, 3-D effects and amazing action are big draws for the film, the one thing that keeps the film truly going is the incredible chemistry between the two main actors (and real-life couple) Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, who play Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man), respectively.

So to watch them on the Spanish-language show El Hormiguero is probably going to be a highlight of your day (if not your week). The show, which is only available on Youtube to Americans (no!), makes celebrities do some crazy things -- from Charlize Theron dancing like a lunatic to Jennifer Lawrence shooting a bow and arrow (Hunger Games teaches you things!). Emma and Andrew, however, were saved from some of these antics and were given a magic (okay, fine, science) show with fire and spinning... um, things? (We promise it's cool.) If that's not enough to make you want to watch, there are puppets. Yes, puppets.

All we can say is, when does this get syndicated to cable? Seriously, we need more of this in our lives. Watch part one below (there are five videos!) and let us know, are you fans of the two and/or this show?