WATCH: Demi Lovato's Letter to Her Fans: "I Love the Life That I Have"

Demi Lovato's new album, Unbroken hits stores Tuesday (Sept. 20th), and the half-Mexican singer has just released a touching video letter to her fans in which she talks about the highly anticipated album, the three difficult months she spent in rehab last year, and how unbelievably lucky she feels to have all of her dreams come true. 

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The first thing Demi says in the three minute video, is that she never dreamed she'd have the kind of career she has now. "I never imagined my life would ever turn out this way," the humble star admits. "I mean, sure I had my hopes, but I never thought that I'd be performing in front of thousands of people," she says of her recent Spanish-language performance of "Skyscraper" at last week's Alma Awards. "I never thought that I would live a life like this, but then one day I woke up and everything had changed."

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The beautiful video also shows off Demi's new song, "Fix a Heart," which, along with "Skyscraper" is one of the songs on her new album. The lyrics to "Fix a Heart," which read, "And I just ran out of bandaids/I don't even know where to start/cause you can bandage the damage/you never really can fix a heart" very likely allude to the personal demons Demi faced in rehab. Demi also talked about her emotional breakdown in the video. "Last year everything stopped and for the next three months I work up in a treatment center everyday, away from my family and friends," she says. "I spent a lot of time and holidays thinking there. I thought about the sadness that I felt, the pain that I was in, and the addictions that I was struggling from." Ironically, it was that stint in rehab that inspired the songs on Demi's new album. "When I got out I recorded some songs about how bad things got and eventually something positive came out of it," she says. Demi says the songs are "about the most important lesson I had learned during those three months: that life is what you make of it." She adds that she emerged from rehab "happier, healthier and stronger," and says that she wants to make sure others feel better, too. 

"I love the life that I have, and that's what this record is about," she says. "It's about making people feel positive. It's about enjoying life and what it's like to be me: Demi Lovato."

Demi, we love you! And we have to admit: you've made us a little teary-eyed with this beautiful video. Stay strong!

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