WATCH: Cameron Diaz Waxes Poetic on 'The Tonight Show'

Cameron Diaz stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night to promote her new movie, The Green Hornet (in theaters today). Things got a little hairy (pun intended) when Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet offered to give the actress (and Leno) a free wax.

"I have the best waxer in Hollywood," joked Stonestreet, who is one of Diaz's costars in the upcoming comedy, Bad Teacher. "So, at the end of this interview, the three of us—if you guys are down—we're all gonna go have a threesome waxing session," he said. 

"That would be amazing," said Diaz who broke out in loud laughter. "By the way, I'm holding you to it dude because I'm do for a little..."

"Trim?" asked Stonestreet.

"Yeah," answered Diaz, telling the guys to get their heads out of the gutter. "I'm talking about my legs! Geesh!"