WATCH: Cameron Diaz Has David Letterman Eating Out Of the Palm of Her Hand

Cameron Diaz has had a busy week!  The actress stopped by Good Morning America yesterday to speak about her new movie, Bad Teacher, which hits theaters this Friday, June 24th.  In the film, which also stars Jason Segel and her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake, Diaz plays an apathetic middle-school teacher whose only concern is to snag a rich guy to marry. 

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“I don’t really teach in the first place,” the 38-year-old said of her role.  “I kind of go there to nap!”  When asked about working with ex Timberlake, Diaz said it was a blessing.  “Justin and I – we’re great friends,” she said.  “The boundaries are clear… we already did that!”

On the Late Show with David Letterman, Diaz spilled the beans on how she first met her current boyfriend Alex Rodriguez.  “I stepped on his foot with my heels,” she said with a laugh.  “I staked him!”  Then Letterman pulled out a photo of the now infamous moment when Diaz fed Rodriguez popcorn at the Super Bowl.

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“Anybody who knows me does not put their hand in my food, especially when it’s close to my mouth!” Cameron said. It was the only piece of popcorn she put near his face, which of course, was caught on camera. "Ten minutes later, we’re blowing up on our Blackberries!” she said. "We started laughing so hard, like 'Are you kidding me?' "