The Walking Dead: 5 Things We Hope to See for Rosita Espinosa (aka Christian Serratos)

Attention all Walking Dead Fans: are you ready to meet Rosita Espinosa?! We are!

Back in September we reported Christian Serratos from the Twilight Saga would play Rosita on AMC’s The Walking Dead in its fourth season.

According to Deadline, Rosita is a tough and beautiful character. But come on, what Latina isn't?! We need more! So, we dug a little deeper!

Rosita is introduced in issue no. 53 of the Robert Kirkman comic books. She is a part of a group that meets up with Rick Grimes and the other survivors on Hershel’s farm. During the series, The Walking Dead has introduced countless characters inspired by the comics and creations of their own, like Daryl Dixon. Will TV-Rosita be like her comic book counterpart?

That got us thinking! What about this Latina do we want to see on The Walking Dead?

Here are five character traits we hope Rosita exemplifies (from the comics and our own hopeful wishes):


With the world crumbling around her, Rosita did not run and hide. She had to do a few things (pretty intense things) to keep herself safe but Rosita held on. It had to take a lot of strength to keep it moving when her safety was constantly in danger.