Thalia's Mother Laid to Rest in New York's Ferncliff Cemetery

Thalia is still reeling from the sudden death of her mother, Yolanda Miranda, but at least she has a close group of friends and family who are there to support her during this difficult time. She recently thanked everyone for their condolences and prayers on Twitter: "In these moments of great pain, I want to say thank you, in my name and the name of my family, to everyone who has been present in various ways: in prayer, in company, in support, in thoughts, in respect; helping to make the death of our mother a little bit less painful. Thanks to the media for the love and respect they have shown us in these last few days. We ask in unity and continue to rely on your prayers."

Miranda was laid out for viewing at a funeral home in Mexico earlier this week, where Thalia's sister, Ernestina Sodi, also had a small nuptial ceremony with politician Mauricio Camps by her mother's body. Ernestina's wedding was long scheduled to occur over Memorial Day weekend, but plans were understandably shifted with the unexpected loss of the matriarch of the famous Sodi family. Thalia traveled to Mexico alongside her hubby Tommy Mottola and her OBGYN since she is just weeks away from giving birth to her second child. She and her sisters; Laura Zapata, Ernestina, Gabriela, and Federica, had long been estranged but were brought back together for  the funeral.

In accordance with Yolanda's wishes, Thalía's mother was laid to rest at the Ferncliff cemetery in New York and her remains were placed in the Rosewood Mausoleum. Thalia, Ernestina Sodi and Laura Zapata were in attendance, as well as Emilio, Gloria y Lili Estefan. Yolanda lived most of her life in Mexico, but in recent years gained her permanent residency in the U.S. and spent a lot of time in New York City in a home she owned.

Meanwhile, celebs have been reaching out from the internet to let Thalia know she is not alone. El Gordo Y La Flaca tweeted: "Our most sincere condolences QEPD (Que En Paz Descanse/May She Rest In Peace) Doña Yolanda," while Cristina Saralegui chimed in: "My deepest sympathies to @Thalía and her entire family on the death of her mother Yolanda Miranda. Sending love to you all."

Frenemy Paulina Rubio even sent along her best wishes, and must understand exactly what Thalia must be feeling since her own father passed away suddenly in January of 2011. "We're with you @thalia," La Chica Dorada tweeted. " My greatest condolences. We know you are a warrior just like she was and you will rise above. Remember the light that you have inside and all around you. #fuerzathalia I join in prayer."