WATCH: Heart Wrenching Video Documents Immigrant Experience

Amidst the buzz of tourists, airline traffic, and announcements for final boarding call at a busy airport, two immigrants quietly depicts their heartbreaking journey away from their family and home country.

In a viral video called “The Surprise: Dedicated to Everyone Who Is Far Away,” two Spaniards who have lived in Mexico for two and a half years capture their journey to visit their parents in Spain.

According to The Huffington PostEsther, 30, and Jorge, 34, are two of hundreds of young Spaniards who have been forced to move from the country due to a debilitating economic crisis. The pair moved from Valencia to Puerto Morelos, Mexico in search of employment. Esther now works at a luxury hotel, and Jorge is a freelance videographer.

“Finally, we return.” the narrator tells viewers, “We want to dedicate this video to all who have left their country and have fought for change. And to experience the emotion of a mother when she gets to hug her son or daughter again.”

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