Victoria Beckham Partners with Eva Longoria Parker to Open Vegas Hot Spot

We heard rumors that Eva Longoria Parker was looking to expand her restaurant empire into Sin City, but now it looks like her BFF Victoria Beckham is looking to get in on the act.

The UK's Daily Star reports that while Eva oversees plans to open her new eatery, called Beso II, Posh will focus on turning half the venue into a casino specializing in their favorite game—dominos.

A source told the Daily Star the Eva and Posh "are obsessed with the game and spend most evenings going out for a civilized meal and then getting stuck into a meaty tournament."

The insider added: "But they realised there are no venues which provide dinner and focus on this new Hollywood craze. So when Eva said she was opening a second Beso branch in the gambling capital of the world, Victoria had the brainwave of turning it into a place which specializes in food and their favorite game."

Dominos—a Hollywood craze? Did we miss something? What's next, high stakes shuffleboard? A Mylanta chaser for your dirty martini? What ever happened to the good ol' days when gambling meant mean-mugging your opponent over a fan of cards, or sexy lips blowing on a pair of dice? Maybe Eva and Posh should watch Sharon Stone in Casino and see how Vegas should really be done...