Exclusive Outtakes From Victor Cruz’s June/July 2012 Cover Shoot!

Can’t get enough Victor Cruz? Yeah, we can’t either. So we’re sharing these exclusive quotes from Cruz’s June/July 2012 Latina cover shoot. Don’t miss the rest of his interview in our Hot Guys issue on newsstands May 15th.

1. Hot Guys: Victor Cruz 1

On his “sex symbol status” and his clothing line for women:

“It's crazy, I never thought of myself as a sex symbol per se. But it's just fun. On Twitter I've got a lot of female fans that reach out and [say] they love my clothing line, and they want women's clothes. They hit me up all the time.”

2. Hot Guys: Victor Cruz 2

On his long-distance relationship with his girlfriend Elaina Watley:

“It was rough. But our love is just so strong. Like, we can go without talking to each for [for a long time] and then we'll speak again and it's just like we never [stopped]… it's like we picked up where we left off. I knew that kind of feeling just doesn't come every day. I think she's the perfect woman for me.”

3. Hot Guys: Victor Cruz 3

On the day he signed with the Giants:

“The scout from the Giants called me and asked me if I was ready to be a New York Giant. I told him ‘absolutely.’ Once I told my mother, she started going crazy. She was so nervous the whole day. She just kept sweeping and cleaning the house -- cleaning things that were already clean because she was so nervous! I remember walking around with my Giants hat on all day long. It was a good time.”

4. Hot Guys: Victor Cruz 4

On his first day with the Giants:

“Just to look around and see guys like Justin Tuck and Eli Manning – guys you see on TV every day – right there in the same locker room as you, it was amazing. I was honored at first just to be there. Once I got to meet some of the guys and see how cool they were, I got comfortable, and it was like… it's go time now. Now I've got to go in and prove what I can do.”

5. Hot Guys: Victor Cruz 5

On his Super Bowl win:

“To be a part of a team that wins the Super Bowl, it was an amazing thing to know that you were a part of history. Every single year, every time we talk about the Super Bowl, when they show classic Super Bowl games, that game is going to be shown on TV.”


6. Hot Guys: Victor Cruz 6

On adjusting to his celebrity status:

“It’s a little bit of an adjustment because I'm so used to going to these regular places, like getting a slice of pizza or going to Blimpie's or something like that. And now every time I walk in they're like ‘Oh my God, what are you doing here?’ I'm still human at the end of the day; I still like what I like. [But] it's been fun being able to transfer from this small town kid into this ‘super-star.’ To be able to go through the trials and tribulations throughout my life and to make it here and have it be this fruitful… makes it even sweeter.”

7. Hot Guys: Victor Cruz 7

On his daughter, Kennedy:

“When Elaina came to me and told me she was pregnant I just smiled from ear to ear. I was ready. I was ready to have a baby and ready to raise a child. I was there [for the labor] the whole time. I was actually holding one leg, helping her push. And when the baby came out it was just a sense of relief and a sense of pride that you were responsible for bringing a child onto this earth. And for [Kennedy] to be so beautiful when she came out and looking up at us… It was just a great feeling, a feeling that I'll never forget.”

8. Hot Guys: Victor Cruz 8

On changing diapers:

“I'm a big diaper changer. I've gotten good at it. Initially I was a little rough, but now it's easy. Plus, she makes it easy. She knows when her diaper needs to be changed so she just lifts her legs up and looks at me like ‘All right, Dad, do what you got to do.’”

9. Hot Guys: Victor Cruz 9

On his book, Out of the Blue, out in July:

“This will be the real story about me, about how I grew up and some of the people that came along, [and] some of the battles that I had to face growing up.”

10. Hot Guys: Victor Cruz 10

On his plans five years from now:

“I hope I'm still playing football [and] I hope I'm still someone that my community can look up to [as a] role model. And hopefully I can still be the Victor Cruz that you see today and not turn into some monster. Hopefully I can remain the same person, still remain humble and remember where I came from, [while being able to] grow as an athlete and as a person.”