Update: Marc Anthony's Rep Denies Affair With Jada Pinkett Smith: "We Unequivocally Deny This"

William Levy recently shot down rumors linking him to Jennifer Lopez, and now Jada Pinkett Smith is doing the same thing—with Marc Anthony

Rep Denies Affair Between WIlliam Levy and Jennifer Lopez

Amid rumors of an affair between Pinkett Smith and Anthony—who work together on Smith's TNT show, Hawthorne—a rep for the actress says those rumors are untrue. "All the rumors regarding Marc Anthony and Jada are false. Completely untrue," Jada's rep, Karynne Tencer, tells People.com.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Split

And while People also reported today that Pinkett Smith's marriage to Will Smith may be on the rocks, Marc Anthony's rep also denies the affair, saying: "We unequivocally deny this. Enough is enough. There are families involved, children involved, friendships involved. This is NOT true."

Anthony isn't the only one denying that he had an affair with Pinkett-Smith. PerezHilton reports today that multiple people from the set of the TNT show insist that nothing is going on between the actors. "Crew members claim they never saw anything inappropriate between Marc and Jada and even more so, the sources say Jada makes sure they never end up in a situation where anything could happen," reports the website. "They never run lines together alone, but rather in the constant presence of an acting coach."

The crew members reportedly added that Pinkett-Smith's husband, Will Smith, is on the set more often than not and that when Will and Jada were together, they "looked like they were on their honeymoon."