UPDATE: Judge Orders Jennifer Lopez Tapes Under Lock & Key

The intimate home videos that Jennifer Lopez has fought to keep ex-husband Ojani Noa from using were reportedly "stolen" co-executive producer of the mockumentary project her ex was working on. Ed Meyer took the data drive which contained the footage from the house of Claudia Vazquez, Noa’s current partner/producer (and rumored girlfriend).

Lopez's legal team has managed to block the videos release for years by citing a confidentiality agreement Noa signed back in 2002. J.Lo scored a restraining order against Vasquez earlier this week a judge has temporarily ruled that the video can't be released without Jennifer's sign off.

Cris Armentia, Vazquez’s attorney, sent a letter to Meyer demanding that Meyer show up in court to return the home video. “You were on notice of the order and using false pretenses, you removed the drive from her [Claudia Vazquez] house. You have been asked to return it by Claudia Vazquez, myself, and law enforcement authorities.”

At the hearing a judge blocked the release of the singer's home videos and ordered Meyer to turn over all footage to the court so the tapes can be locked in a safe deposit box at the City National Bank in Century City, CA. Holding the key to the box will be J.Lo's attorney Jay Lavely, who got serious after the ruling and said that he will have an expert whether or not copies had been made and if the video was accessible on any servers to be posted to the internet at a later date.

Maybe this will finally shut Ojani up? Geesh...