Diego Luna and Camila Sodi Welcome Baby Boy!

The Grosby Group

Ultra low-pro couple Diego Luna and Camila Sodi have welcomed their first child into the world, but they aren't doing the whole statement-releasing, picture-selling hoopla around the birth. In fact, they aren't even revealing the newborn's gender or the exact date of his/her birth.

Here's what we do know: the little one was born in Los Angeles sometime in the recent past, and his/her actual existence has been confirmed by Camila's aunt Laura Zapata. According to the Mexican newspaper El Universal, the actress refused to give additional details about the newborn, but said she was told firsthand about the arrival of the child. Firsthand? Uh, does that mean the little one told Laura him/herself?

Now, we respect Diego and Camila's desire to keep their special time a private affair, but are people so up in their business that they feel the need to even hide the baby's sex from the media? Somehow we doubt there's a Brangelina-style bidding war over those first pictures. Just sayin'.

In any case, congratulations to the happy couple, and Baby Sodi-Luna!

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Diego's company Canana Films has confirmed that the actor and Camila have welcomed a baby boy!