UPDATE: Christina Aguilera and Her Boyfriend Arrested for Intoxication

At 2:45 AM last night, Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend Matthew Rutler were arrested in West Hollywood, according to TMZ

Aguilera was reportedly arrested for public intoxication after the driver of the vehicle she was in (Rutler) was arrested for driving under the influence. This according to a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County sherriff's department.

Rutler's bail was set at $30,000. Christina, who was only charged with a misdemeanor, had a bail of $250.00, according to PerezHilton.com

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that Aguilera appeared to be "extremely intoxicated" and was "unable to take care of herself."

However, the source adds, "If the driver had NOT been arrested for DUI, [Christina] would have never been in trouble."

The news comes just days after a source told People.com that Christina's close friends have been encouraging the singer to go to rehab. "Nobody can get through to her. They think she's trashy. And her ego is out of control," said the source. 

People.com now has more details about what exactly happened with Aguilera and Rutler and what led to their arrest. According to the website, Christina was arrested "for her safety" and Los Angeles County Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore has now released the following statement: "We have no desire to prosecute, none whatsoever. It {is} just for a public safety issue," says Whitmore. "When she was able to navigate and to think on her own and make her own way, she was released."

"She was not capable to taking care of herself. She was incapacitated," says Whitmore. "She was cooperative. She was not belligerent in any way whatsoever. She was just intoxicated."
By law, a person can be held in custody if they cannot take care of themselves, he says.
"As she got better, she just said, 'I would like to leave,'" says Whitmore, and deputies granted her request.

Whitmore added that the arrest was made because Christina "was not capable of taking care of herself." He explained that the singer "was cooperative" and "was not belligerent in any way whatsoever."

"As she got better, she just said, 'I would like to leave,'" says Whitmore, and deputies granted her request.