Tyra Banks Sent Camila Cabello The Sweetest Tyra Mail EVER

Instagram/Tyra Banks and Camila Cabello

In one of the cutest promo moves ever, Tyra Banks (the bawse is back, y'all!) sent Camila Cabello a Tyra Mail and remixed the singer’s “Havana.” The video tweet sent Cabello, who is a huge fan of America’s Next Top Model, into total fangirl mode. And we’re not mad at her. See the video below.




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Nor are we mad at Banks for trying singing corny, cutesy lyrics, such as “Camila, oh-na-na, This is A-Tyra, oh-na-na. I’m saying hi, oh-na-na." Afterall, that’s what you do when someone is your Twitter girl, right? Or when you are “obsessed” with someone, right?

Tyra continues to tell folks that she’s announcing the 14 finalists for season 24 of ANTM, which marks muva’s lauded return after taking a break from being in front of the camera. But she’s back. Let the smizing begin.

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