Tyler Posey To Go Shirtless on New Year's Eve!

Demi Lovato is co-hosting and performing at this year’s New Year’s Eve Bash on MTV along with Selena Gomez, and fellow co-host Tyler Posey has just promised to go shirtless for the live television special! We're not going to miss this! 

Crushing On… Tyler Posey

According to The Hollywood Reporter, part-Mexican Teen Wolf actor Posey filmed a video of himself doing push-ups in preparation for going shirtless. The 20 year-old says in the video that if there is a full moon on New Year’s Eve, “a certain shirtless werewolf may run through Times Square naked.” When he is informed that there won’t be a full moon during the party, Posey vows to make good on that promise anyway. “Oh, he'll probably take off his shirt anyway. I hear he's been doing lot of pushups lately,” he teases.

Watch the video below to see what he means and get a glimpse at Posey working those muscles!