Exclusive: Tyler Posey Reveals His 5 Favorite Things for Cinco De Mayo!

Start counting down Tyler Posey fans! It has been officially announced that MTV’s hit show, Teen Wolf, will jumpstart its second season with a two-part premiere starting on June 3rd.

The half-Mexican actor exclusively sat down with us to talk about his character Scott McCall in the new season and his 5 favorite things for Cinco de Mayo! Check it all out below:

How has your character grown compared to the first season?

In the first season Scott was kind of a wimp, I thought. He’s just this kind who wants to be noticed and he finally gets all this attention, but he’s a werewolf so he doesn’t know how to deal with it all. He’s just complaining all of the time. This season, he lost the cure, which secures him to become a human again. He’s now dealing with it and that matures him in a way. He’s got this new mentality that he’s going to use his powers for good. He’s just maturing and turning into a little dude – a little man. (Laughs).

We know Cinco de Mayo is coming up and although it’s not Mexican Independence Day, we wondered: what are your five favorite Mexican things?

Wow! I would have to say Salma Hayek. From Dusk Til Dawn is one of my favorite movies. Is Antonio Banderas Mexican?

No. He's Spanish.

No! Well, he plays my favorite Mexican on-screen. (Laughs) My house looks like a hacienda. It’s bright yellow and red with bright dishes and decorations everywhere…so I really like my house. My mom makes great Mexican food and my grandma makes amazing tamales!

Ok, you have four. What’s your last favorite thing?

I love hot sauce! Caliente. (Laughs)

We are glad he shares a sense of humor about Cinco de Mayo! Teen Wolf premieres on Sunday, June 3 at 11 p.m. ET on MTV!