Two of a Kind: Celebrity Twins

Mariah Carey's baby bump is getting bigger by the day, and now that she has picked out names for her twins, the singer got us thinking about other celebs (and celeb babies) that come in pairs. Here are a few of our favorites. 

1. Twins: Ricky Martin

Matteo & Valentino

Ricky Martin loves his 3-year-old twin boys, Matteo and Valentino so much that the Puerto Rican singer came out of the closet for them. "Before I decided to become a father, I already accepted who I was," Martin said. "I was happy with who I was. When I held my children, I said, 'OK, it's time to tell the world." Martin said coming out was important because it would teach his kids the importance of being honest. "If I didn't come out for them, what was I going to be teaching them -- how to lie? I don't want my family to be based on lies."


2. Twins: Lauren Velez

Lauren Velez & Lorraine Velez

Boricua actress Lauren Vélez (Dexter, Oz) has an identical twin sister named Lorraine who is so much the spitting image of the actress, that she's taken over roles for Lauren on Broadway! But these hermanas share a deep bond that goes way beyond just similar looks. "We are so deeply connected," Lauren tells "We can communicate with each other without even speaking, no matter where we are. It's like having special powers!" she jokes. 

3. Twins: Nina Sky

Nicole Albino & Natalie Albino

Growing up, identical twins Nicole Albino and Natalie Albino did everything from taking music lessons together to going to auditions together and performing showcases. At the age of seven, they co-wrote their first song, "Sisters." Their lives couldn't be more intertwined, so when it came time to choose a stage name for themselves, the girls decided to share one: Nina Sky






4. Twins: Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bündchen & Patricia Bündchen

Most people know that Gisele Bündchen dated Leonardo Dicaprio, and that she's married to Tom Brady, but what they may not know is that this gorgeous Brazilian model is a twin. Gisele's fraternal twin sister, Patricia was born five minutes before she was, and like any good big sister, Patricia looks after her younger sibling by serving as her manager.  



5. Twins: Jennifer & Marc

Max & Emme 

It's hard to find kids that are more adorable than Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's adorable twins, Max and Emme. They're not even 3 and already La Lopez's bundles of joy have used their celebrity for a good cause.  When they made their modeling debut as the faces of Gucci's new children's line, Gucci donated $50,000 to Lopez's charity, The Maribel Initiative, which promotes greater access to health care for women and kids worldwide. "It's exactly why I'm excited to be a part of this," said Lopez. "Now there are two Gucci spokesbabies for a beautiful cause!"



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