Twitterverse is Hating on Selena & Bieber: Should They Hide?

Hmm, we're not so sure we agree with EURWeb columnist and branding expert Monica Cost's declaration that Selena Gomez basically run and hide amidst internet threats.

"Selena should lay low for awhile" Cost tells with, before saying that Gomez should dress less provocatively by wearing "more jeans and t-shirts and not so much red lipstick and high buns."

Cost was giving her advice to the couple based on the Twitter backlash that they have experienced from some of Justin's more hardcore fans. We sort of think that maybe this is the time for parents to step in and explain that just because you love a celebrity, doesn't mean you own them. The Biebs and Selenita are just regular teenagers (albeit millionaires), dating and trying to figure everything out like any other 17 or 18-year-old would be.

What do you think?