Twitter, We Heard You: Introducing Alfredo Flores

We got hundreds of tweets last week asking us to feature music video director Alfredo Flores on, and since nothing makes us happier than pleasing our readers, we setup an interview with the talented director who has worked with everyone from Justin Bieber (whom he's currently touring with), to P. Diddy, Mariah Carey, Pitbull, and Lady Gaga! Alfredo told us all about his job, who he's crushing on in Hollywood, and what he loves most about his loyal fans (you!):

Your fans sent us hundreds of tweets telling us we have to cover you at Latina. How does that make you feel?

They are as dedicated and loyal as they come. I came home one night from bowling and #LATINASLOVEALFREDOFLORES was a trending topic. I was like WHAT?! How?! When?! They go hard and are always in beastmode. You can't mess with them. Their swag is on a hundred thousand trillion!

You’ve worked with many big Latin stars from Demi Lovato to Mariah Carey to Pitbull. Who’s your favorite Latin artist to work with?

Mariah Carey
was a dream come true. When I was 8 years old her music video "Honey" really inspired me to get into filmmaking. Paul Hunter directed that one and he is a huge inspiration to me. Being able to work with her was something special. Sort of like "Wow this is cool, check that off the bucket list," for me.

Where is your family from?

My mother is from San Sebastian, Puerto Rico and my father is from Ponce.

What do you love about being Latino?

I love the food, the culture, the family bond that is instilled in us from the beginning. We ourselves as Latinos come from such a diverse background, yet we mix them into one and are found unified under this term, Latino. I think it is a beautiful thing. 

If you could say one thing to your fans, what would it be?

Many of them are teenagers. They have their entire lives ahead of them. Dreams are reachable. If you have a dream go out and fight for it. Get internships, post content online. Spread the word about what you want to do. Never give up. Never take no for an answer. When one door closes another one opens. You can do it. I'm a small town kid from Jersey who one day got up and moved to LA to follow my dreams. I am the perfect example of dreams coming true. Never say Never.

What do you love most about Latin women?

I love how exotic Latin women are. Their eyes, hair and skin tones are beautiful. Latin women have this strong independence that is very attractive. I love a hard working woman who has a life of her own and knows what she wants. A sense of humor is a must. Life is boring when you can't laugh at yourself.

If you could date one Latina celeb, who would it be and why?

I think Sofia Vergara's accent is so sexy. When she talks, I listen. She is beautiful and is creating a stamp in the acting world. I think she needs to go on a date with Fredo.

What projects do you have coming up that you’re looking forward to? 

I'm wrapping up the last month of the tour with Justin and then heading back to LA to work on some music videos. Never Say Never (Blu-ray and DVD) comes out on May 13 and it contains some great behind the scenes and never-before-seen-footage which is going to be great. I can't say too much but the segments are awesome. My ultimate goal is to head a highly successful production company as I direct multiple music videos and film projects. In the back of my mind, I have this really authentic raw idea for a Latin film that I really want to produce. So when I get back to LA I am going to focus on writing and really developing this idea.