Top Weekend Super Bowl Parties: Miami and Las Vegas

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up and everyone will be looking for the best spot to watch the game. Don’t be a loser and plan on hitting up the crème de la crème of Super Bowl fiestas this weekend. Almost every venue that has plasmas will be tuned in to watch the Saints and the Colts fight it out, so get your game face on and get ready for a long day of binge drinking.


Top Super Bowl Weekend Party in Miami: Friday Night Lights @ BED

Friday, February 5th

If there’s one event that really represents Miami football to the fullest it has to be Friday Night Lights at BED with special guest hosts Santana and Sinorice Moss. The Moss brothers are royalty in Miami, seeing as they’re legends in both high school and college football. This is definitely one of the top Super Bowl parties of the huge weekend ahead of us, and you can definitely expect this event to bring in some Miami football greats.

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Top Super Bowl Weekend Party in Miami: DJ Clue’s Birthday @ BED

Saturday, February 6th

BED really outdid itself this Super Bowl by hosting what we think is the best string of events that the weekend has to offer. We usually never list a venue twice in our TOP articles, however, we just had to this week with BED since Saturday’s event is just as good as Fridays. This Saturday they’ll be celebrating the special birthday of the one and only DJ Clue, along with special host Warren Sapp. The music on this night will probably outshine the rest of the Super Bowl events in the city, and that’s because Clue will be in the house.

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Top Super Bowl Weekend Party in Miami: Friday Night Lights @ The Shore Club

Friday, February 5th

Looks like The Shore Club is going to try and give BED a run for their money this Friday night as they too host their own Friday Night Lights event, only they’re mixing up the music a bit by bringing in DJs David Berrie and DJ Clue! Funny because Clue is actually celebrating his birthday the following day at BED, but we guess he’s gotta make a few bucks while he’s in town, right? There’s also a very special performance by Mr. Hudson, a new pop star that’s been making a lot of noise on the scene as of late.

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Top Super Bowl Weekend Party in Miami: Ludacris @ Cameo

Friday, February 5th

Cameo’s bringing in a big artist for this week’s Super Bowl weekend, and we expect this event to draw in massive fans of the hip hop star. This Friday night the one and only Ludacris does his thing at Cameo. Cameo’s been bringing in some great hip hop names to the club, and they’ve all been performing, so we’ll go ahead and say that we expect Luda to do his thing on the mic. We know that he’s a huge fan of sports, but we really didn’t think he’d be in town to perform as well.

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Top Super Bowl Weekend Party in Miami: Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello @ SET

Saturday and Sunday, February 6th and 7th

Although this event isn’t billed as a Super Bowl party, it is one of the top parties for Super Bowl weekend. Every time that the Swedish House Mafia are in town, it’s a sold-out show, and it’s an insanely fun show. This Saturday night Steve Angello spins at SET, and the following night Sebastian Ingrosso does his thing at SET. We’re not sure if they’ll both be behind the booth at the same time, but anything can happen with these guys.

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Top Super Bowl Weekend Party in Las Vegas: The Ultimate Super Sunday Football Party @ Rockhouse Bar

See the big game like it was meant to be seen—on more than 18 flat-screen televisions. The Ultimate Super Sunday Football Party starts 30 minutes before kickoff and continues until the wee hours of the morning. Enjoy the game on multiple screens with more food and beer than you can imagine. For $100 a person, you’ll really feel like part of the action. The party includes all-you-can-drink draft beers and well drinks and all-you-can-eat bar fare for just $25 more. Private booths with bottle service are available if you want to enjoy VIP treatment. Rockhouse’s DJs get the party pumping between commercial breaks for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Top Super Bowl Weekend Party in Las Vegas: Blondie’s @ at the Miracle Mile Shops

Who can resist lots of plasmas and big screen televisions with sports on them and beautiful women serving you alcohol while you sit and enjoy the games? No man can, and some woman, can’t either. Enjoy an all-you-can-eat-and-drink experience at Blondie’s in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood and have a traditional, all-American Sunday night full of intense athletic competition.

Top Super Bowl Weekend Party in Las Vegas: Big Game Fiesta @ Cabo Wabo in the Miracle Mile Shops

If you still haven’t recovered from last year’s economic slump and you’re partying on a budget this year, you should check out Cabo Wabo Cantina. This Mexican food establishment will be hosting a Big Game Fiesta  this year and will be trying to outdo themselves from last year’s Super Bowl party. For $100 a person, you can have all-you-can-eat nachos, fajitas, chicken wings, and hot dogs, enjoy five drinks, and a chance to win prizes. And as an added perk, Cabo Wabo will offer a special drink promotions every time your team scores. And if you’re team loses, at least you’ll know there’s tequila nearby to drown your sorrows in.