The Top Christmas Weekend Parties

New York:

Top Holiday Party in New York: Christmas Eve Parranda Navidena Dinner with Yerba Buena @ Sofrito

When it comes to posh Latin hot spots, this Manhattan favorite can’t be beaten. Resembling a Meatpacking District club, Midtown’s Sofrito is famous for their welcoming ambiance, mouthwatering Latin dishes, and A-list guests, including Fat Joe, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Roselyn Sanchez, and more. Now, you can celebrate Christmas Eve at Sofrito with Yerba Buena and their sensational frontwoman Cucu Diamantes. All guests will be served a three course meal including roasted pork, stuffed crab in coconut sauce, and tres leches cake. This traditional fiesta is worth traveling through cold temperatures for, especially when there are plenty of Puerto Rican delicacies to choose from, along with one of NYC’s finest Latin alternative bands performing live.

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Top Holiday Party in New York: Xmas Eve @ Tahbu

If you’re looking for a fiesta that keeps on giving, then you must celebrate the weekend at Tahbu, located in the Boogie Down Bronx. Tahbu is a beloved Latin hot spot where everyone shows off their couture while looking dangerously sexy. You’ll get your reggaeton and hip-hop fix all through the night, courtesy of heavyhitters DJ Camilo and DJ Sanone. Best of all, everyone gets free admission until midnight. However, the highlights don’t end there. If you buy a bottle at Tahbu, you’ll get another one for gratis until midnight. In addition, the ladies can indulge in two for one drinks and everyone else can relax with $10 hookahs, a rarity in New York City. We now know what we want for Christmas Eve and with these deals, our wish is coming true.

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Top Christmas Weekend Party in New York: Matzo Ball 2009 @ Capitale

Christmas Eve for Jews isn’t just about going out for Chinese food and watching a good flick anymore. If you’re young, Jewish and live in NYC, get up off the couch and head to Capitale next Thursday night for the Matzo Ballz—the biggest event for young Jews this holiday season. Dance, mingle and party the night away with other NYC-area Jews with nothing to do on Christmas Eve. You can purchase a general admission ticket for just $25 or a VIP ticket for $95 which includes a three-course dinner at Sushisamba 7 prior to the event.

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Top Christmas Weekend Party in New York: Fatman Scoop @ Touch

If you’re still down to party this holiday weekend, but already have Christmas Eve plans with the family, head down to Touch for a pre-pre-Xmas Eve bash hosted by Fatman Scoop. Dance away all the holiday stress to the sounds of four turntables spun by Pierre T and Vinny C, and secret room music by Teso, Mike C and Joey Stylez. Do not miss out on this mega holiday event!

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Top Christmas Weekend Party in New York: DJ Peter Rauhoer & Offer Nissim @ M2 Ultra Lounge

Believe it or not, Saturday December 26th is the last weekend party of 2009, and M2 Ultra Lounge is the perfect place to kiss the year goodbye. DJ Peter Rauhoer and Offer Nissim will provide the sounds for the evening, giving you the best electro and house music to dance away the stress of the holidays.

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Top Christmas Weekend Party in Miami: The Night After Christmas @ Voodoo Lounge

Voodoo Lounge has definitely stepped up their party programming game in the last few months. Recently they announced their New Years Eve bash, but before that they’ll be hosting one of the top Christmas weekend parties in Miami, The Night After Christmas. DJ Mike Miro will be in charge of the supplying the sound on this night, and he’s pretty recognized in the South Florida scene, so expect there to be fans. They’ll also be featuring a $125 VIP bottle service, for those who are too lazy to walk up to the bar.

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Top Christmas Weekend Party in Miami: Space X-Mas @ Club Space

Whenever there’s a big holiday in Miami, nightlife fanatics throughout the city are always interested to find out what type of party Club Space will be hosting. Christmas this year falls on a Friday, so that means that Space will definitely be hosting their annual Space X-Mas bash once again that Saturday night. This time around they’re opting to stick with the resident talent as Patrick M., Louis Puig and Lazardi supply the soundtrack of the evening. Expect this night to be crazy because everyone will want a little break from the family after spending nearly 48 hours with them.

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Top Christmas Weekend Party in Miami: Carlos Fauvrelle@ Mansion

It was nearly two years ago when we really didn’t know in which direction Mansion was heading with their DJ bookings. But now they’ve claimed the titled of hosting some of the best talent on Saturday nights in the city, and for Christmas weekend they’ll be bringing in yet another big name in the electronic dance music scene, Carlos Fauvrelle. Mansion doesn’t tend to take many risks when it comes to booking talent on Saturday nights, so even though we’re not too familiar with this guy’s set, we’ll go ahead and take the club’s word for it since they haven’t failed us in the past.

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Top Christmas Weekend Party in Miami: Saturdays @ Cameo

Ever since The Opium Group took over Cameo in South Beach, the parties have gotten a little bit better. The locals may disagree and believe that nothing really has changed, but the residents at the club are a bit better, and so far the parties that they’ve put together have been really solid. That’s why for Christmas weekend in Miami Cameo is definitely one of the top places that should be on your outing list. They haven’t confirmed the talent for the night yet, and we think it may be a bit of a surprise, but even if they stick to their resident DJs, it’ll still be a good choice.

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Top Christmas Weekend Party in Miami: Popular Saturdays @ Aero Bar

Last year during Winter Music Conference, the Club Awards were held and Aero Bar in South Beach garnered many of the awards that stayed in Miami. They’ve been open for nearly two years now and haven’t really played around with their weekly parties too much, a sign that tells us they’re doing well and the crowd keeps coming back for more. This Christmas weekend in Miami they’ll be hosting one of the top parties in the city on Saturday night for their weekly Popular bash that features sounds by residents Bruno, JFelix and Ariel Assault. It’ll be another typical night at Aero Bar…meaning awesome!

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