Top 5 Celeb New Year's Eve Tweets!

Latino celebs took to Twitter tonight to wish their fans a happy and healthy new year, and there were a few tweets that were so funny and insightful, we thought we'd share them with our readers. Here are our favorite tweets of the night! 

 Sofia Vergara tweeted a photo holding up a glass of champagne and toasting to 2010 — a year that brought the Colombian actress her first Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actor's Guild nominations. "Happy New Year to all my ModFam fans!! thnx for making this the best year of my career!!!♣salud!!" 

Nicole Richie, who got married earlier this month to her longtime boyfriend, Joel Madden, tweeted a link to a photo album that tells the story of what she did all year-long in pictures. 

— The brutally honest (and always hilarious) Mark Indelicato, tweeted, "Low key New Year. Staying in with my parents. Not hating it." 

Selena Gomez, who simply adores her fans, made her New Year's tweet about them. "I love you guys sooooo much. Is it weird that I have random conversations about how amazing you all are??" she asks.

— "I want a world record of fist pumps tonight when the ball drops!" (Can you guess who's responsible for this fun tweet?). 

— La La Vazquez tweeted: "Last day of 2010..leave all the "b.s." behind u, forgive people uve been holding grudges with. Walk into 2011 w/a clean mind, heart,&spirit!" 

Happy New Year from Latina!!!