Tony Surprises Eva with Her Fourth B-Day Bash

After celebrating her 33rd birthday three times already, Eva Longoria had no idea that she was in store for the biggest party of all, thanks to a super-elaborate surprise bash put together by her esposo, Tony Parker. People reports that Longoria stepped off the plane in San Antonio on Sunday and was met at the airport by actors hired by Parker to play Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum and other characters from the popular board game, Clue. The mystery men guided Longoria to a hotel, where all of her friends were waiting to start up a scavenger hunt throughout San Antonio...but oddly enough, her own husband was nowhere in sight.

When Eva and her pals finished the scavenger hunt game and reached their final destination, a local steakhouse, Eva had to watch a video of her hubby asking detailed questions about their relationship, like the location of their first date (Answer: International House of Pancakes). Finally, Parker appeared in a San Antonio Spurs coyote mascot disguise and revealed himself as the mastermind behind the whole celebration. The night reportedly ended with a trip to Terrell Castle in San Antonio, where the group enjoyed a huge meal and Longoria was surprised with her favorite cake, a Betty Crocker yellow cake made by her mami.

So there you have it: Tony Parker is officially the greatest husband on the planet, and the secret to romance is Betty Crocker, Clue and IHOP!