Tony Romo to Joe Simpson: Back Off, or I Walk

Looks like Tony Romo is manning up and calling the shots in his on-again relationship with Jessica Simpson. His first demand? Get Jess's poppa, Joe Simpson, to the sidelines ASAP. A college pal of the Dallas Cowboys quarterback tells the Chicago Sun-Times: ''He did agree to go to [sister Ashlee's] wedding—keeping his promise to Jessica. But he made it super-clear that if they were to give it another go, her dad had to seriously back off.''

According to the source, Tony made it clear to both Jess and her dad that their rekindled relationship is a "trial thing" and contingent upon Joe ''leaving them alone'' and stifling his tendency to tell Romo how to run his life, career and endorsement deals.

Well, good luck with that, Tony. Maybe you can accomplish what Nick Lachey, John Mayer, Ryan Cabrera, and now Pete Wentz haven't been able to do: Keep Joe Simpson out of his daughters' lives.