Tony Romo Helps Strangers in Need

He may have led the Dallas Cowboys to victory on the football field this past Sunday, but it's Tony Romo's handiness with a car jack that has a couple of his fans all wound up. Bill and Sharon White of Irving, Texas got the surprise of their lives on Sunday, stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire.

The couple were trying unsuccessfully to fix the tire when Tony, on his way home from the airport after playing the Browns in Cleveland earlier, rolled up and offered a hand.

"All of a sudden I hear a voice say, 'Do you need help?'" Sharon, 53, tells People, adding that she didn't immediately recognize Tony. The trio went to work on the tire, and Tony's magic touch did the trick to get it inflated.

"At that point, I looked at him and thought, 'Dang, he looks familiar,'" Sharon says. "I go, 'You know what? You look like Tony Romo.' He looked down and just gave me that boyish smile he's got. Then he said, 'That's because I am.'"

"I just screamed as loud as I could," Sharon says. "Then I grabbed him and hugged him."

Her husband, Bill, 61, who had missed the Dallas-Cleveland game while on the road, asked Romo what had happened to his bandaged chin. When Romo started explaining, "I stopped him and said, 'Don't tell me! I don't want to know!" says Bill, who had recorded the game at home.

The tire fixed, Tony got back on the road, but the Whites realized they had forgotten to thank him. "I'd thank [Tony] so much for stopping," Sharon says, hoping the message will get to him. "I love him to death, he's a great guy. And I hope I didn't bust his eardrum!"

Wow, looks like Tony is as much a hero off the football field as he is on it. No wonder his girlfriend Jessica Simpson can't stop gushing about him!