Tony Romo Defends Joe Simpson

After remaining excruciatingly silent for months about rumors that his love life is on the rocks, Dallas Cowboy Tony Romo is finally speaking out. "It's all laughable," the hunky quarterback says, in response to accelerating gossip that his girlfriend Jessica Simpson's father Joe Simpson is causing trouble in paradise for the once-happy couple, and that Tony's father Ramiro Romo is not exactly Joe's number one fan. Tony tells People that the allegations are "so far from the truth," and that Joe even took Ramiro to the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, GA earlier this year and the pair "had a great time."

Interesting that Tony still refuses to come out and directly say he loves Poppa Joe or that the two are on good terms. Call us skeptical, but we need some real proof of the reported bromance between Tony and Joe—like, maybe a management contract?