Tony Parker Plans Elaborate Birthday Bash for Eva

Tony Parker seems to be campaigning for the "Husband of the Year" award. The basketball star threw his wife Eva Longoria the most elaborate, over-the-top birthday celebration we've ever heard of this past weekend, in San Antonio, Texas.

The festivities started as soon as Eva landed at San Antonio airport, fresh from her Miami party. Instead of being greeting by Tony, she found characters from the game Clue waiting for her, along with the San Antonio Spurs coyote mascot. The game continued at a local area hotel, where Eva was surprised by a party with many of her close friends, and the group embarked upon a city-wide scavenger hunt which ended at a steak house, where the birthday girl had to watch a video and answer questions from Tony—who was still nowhere to be found.

Says one of the party guests: "It was stuff like, what was the first place we had our date? IHOP. What was the movie we saw together? National Treasure. What's my favorite color? Red. She got them all right."

Tony in the coyote costume! He's been in the coyote costume the whole day.... He was hot, he was sweating, he was in love with his wife."

The group moved one final time to San Antonio's Terrell Castle, where they enjoyed a lavish meal capped off with Eva's favorite dessert: a yellow Betty Crocker cake with chocolate icing, made by her mom.

A party guest reveals, "There was no party planner. Tony was the [mastermind] of this all. And it was a big surprise."

Tony's party was the fourth and final celebration of Eva's 33rd birthday, and one she probably won't forget for a long, long time.