Tony Parker Insists Eva Longoria's Not Pregnant, Just Really Loves Maxidresses

Tony Parker is the latest to deny rumors that his wife Eva Longoria Parker is expecting. "She's not pregnant now if that's your question," he told reporters from OK! magazine. Maybe Tony's denials are more along the lines of wishful thinking? "I'm
not thinking like that right now," he says, revealing that he may not
be ready to be a daddy quite yet. "Maybe one day." For now, Tony is just enjoying the good life as an NBA star and new face of EA Sports' NBA Live 2009: "I don't think there's a lot of people you can say having a job and
earning money and being happy with what you do. I'm very, very lucky."

Eva, who has been open about her desire to have children in the past, hasn't been doing much to squash the speculation, wearing maxi dress after maxi dress and indulging in pizza and gelato while on vacation with her hubby in Europe. It might be time to step into that bikini and have yourself a glass of champagne if you want the rumors to stop, chica. Unless, of course, you really are hiding something underneath all that fabric...