Throwback Thursday: Teenage Eva Mendes Fangirls Over Alyssa Milano

Before Eva Mendes was well....Eva Mendes, she was just a young teenage girl who obsessed over Who’s The Boss star Alyssa Milano

In an epic Throwback Thursday post, a 17-year-old Milano is seen signing an autograph for Mendes, who was 15 at the time. Mendes had waited in line for hours for a shot at a picture with her idol. 

It appears Mendes, now 39, hasn’t outgrown her love for Milano, 41. In a feature with, she admitted that Milano was the first actress she admired.

“I just thought she was living my ideal life on [Who’s The Boss],” she said. “It was a rags-to-riches story, and I felt like maybe it could happen to me. I just loved her little attitude and her name, I loved her actual name and her character’s name, Samantha Micelli. She also had this workout video called Teen Steam. I know it word for word.” 

The Place Between The Pines actress also spoke of her first experience with her idol. “When I was 15, I even went to the Glendale Gallery Mall and waited in line for hours to get my picture taken with her,” she said. “I still have that picture.”