6 Things You Know Will Happen at a Latino Wedding

Weddings are beautiful. Latino weddings are beautiful, religious and loud! Here, are a few things you know will happen at a Latino wedding.

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1. Dancin’ Machine

If you didn’t get a chance to workout pre-wedding, it’s cool. The amount of calories burned off on the dance floor will make up for it and then some. Glance around and it’ll look like auditions for Dancing with the Stars. 

2. Classic Songs

Speaking of music, you will definitely hear Oscar D’Leon’s “Lloraras,” La Sonora Dinamita’s “Escandalo,” and Don Omar’s “Danza Kuduro.” Lets just hope “La Macarena” doesn’t make an appearance. 

3. Troubled Speech

Obviously, one of the parents will make a speech. And chances are one of them might be from the old country and he or she will try to complete their speech in broken English. They love their kid but Spanish would’ve been the way to go.


4. Dozens of Cousins

You've got your cousins on your father’s side, on your mother’s side, your cousins on your husband’s side, your cousins who aren’t really cousins but you grew up together cousins, etc. You get the idea.

5. Stay Classy

A wedding is definitely a formal attire event. Yet, there’s always that one guest who wears jeans. If you’re in Texas he might even wear cowboy boots to go along with his leather vest. 

6. It’s Gonna Be A While

If you’re at a Latino wedding, there will be a religious ceremony. We assure you. And if a Catholic priest is there, it’s gonna be a loooooooong ass wedding. Get comfortable.