10 Things We Learned From Michelle Rodriguez's Twitter

Michelle Rodriguez is one fascinating Latina! She’s an avid reader, a heavy metal fanatic, and obsessed with Nordic mythology. How do we know? We saw it all on Twitter! To celebrate the upcoming release of her new flick, Machete Kills, we've rounded up 10 things we learned from taking a peek at Michelle’s tweets:

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She's a bookworm: 

Michelle loves to read! She even tweets suggestions to her fans and discusses good books she's recently read. 

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She's not afraid to speak out: 

The Fast and Furious actress isn't afraid to express her beliefs...especially about women in the entertainment industry

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She's a heavy metal fan: 

The fierce Latina tweeted that she loves to listen to Metallica's Black album. "I don't know whether to cry 'cause they get me or break something," she said. 

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She stays informed:

Rodriguez frequently tweets about documentaries she's watched. After viewing HBO's film An Apology to Elephantsshe swore she'd never go to a circus again. 

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She's interested in mythology: 

After seeing (and loving!) Thorshe tweeted, "I've followed Nordic mythology for years, this is good stuff!" 

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She's a night owl: 

The Machete Kills star doesn't like to wake up early: "Man, I really don't know how the world does it so early in the morning," she tweeted, "I'm such a night crawler."

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She wants to make a difference:

After watching Waiting for Superman, a documentary about the state of the American education system, Rodriguez was inspired to try and change the public education system. She asked her followers for help: "Anyone with suggestions on how to change the public education system? Please advise, I'm all ears."

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She defended Miley Cyrus: 

After Cyrus's controversial VMA performance, Rodriguez spoke out in support of the singer: "The VMA Cyrus performance was a big giant cynical kiss to the industry. I loved it." 

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She's superstitious: 

Just before the 2012 Presidential Election, Rodriguez questioned the role mercury would play in the election outcome. "Do you think mercury being in retrograde will affect the election?" she asked followers

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She wants more female superheroes:

"Now Marvel should start spreading some of that love into contemporary female heroes," she tweeted. Her fans agreed, and even suggested one Latina who would make a kick-ass superhero: Michelle Rodriguez herself!