12 Things That Make You Feel Old

If you have a birthday coming up, you shouldn’t read this post. Get ready to feel older than Mr. Burns. 

1. old slide 0

The Ritchie Valens biopic, La Bamba, was released 26 years ago.

2. old slide 02

MiGente.com, one of the first social networking sites, launched in 2000.

3. old slide 03

Big Pun has been dead for 13 years.

4. old slide 04

Selena has been dead for 18 years.

5. old slide 05

Aventura’s final studio album, The Last, was released in 2009.

6. old slide 06

A new episode of The George Lopez Show hasn’t aired in six years.  

7. old slide 07

Christina Aguilera released her self-titled debut album 14 years ago.

8. old slide 08

Salma Hayek’s crossover role as Carolina in Desperado was 18 years ago.

9. old slide 09

28 years ago, Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine released Primitive Love with the megahit, “Conga.”

10. old slide 10

Steven Bauer in 1983’s Scarface.

Steven Bauer in 2013’s Ray Donovan.

11. old slide 11

Selena Gomez: Then & Now

12. old slide 12

The “Rico Suave” dude (Gerardo) is almost 50-years-old.