Thalia's Mother's Death and the Sodi Family's History of Tragedy

At first glance, Thalia’s life seems charmed: The 39-year-old is an internationally beloved pop singer, telenovela queen, businesswoman and author and she’s eight months pregnant with her second child with hubby/music guru Tommy Mottola.

But in fact, the sudden death of her mother and manager, Yolanda Miranda Mange, last week of a heart attack—just weeks before Thalia is due to give birth and days before another of her daughters was set to get married—was just one of a string of tragedies that has marked the petite singer’s life:

• When Thalia was five, her scientist-criminologist father, Ernesto Sodi Pallares, died after a long illness. After a bedside visit with dad, Thalia blew him a kiss and he almost immediately died. "I always thought that it was my fault," Thalia once said. A traumatized Thalia didn’t speak for a year.

• Thalia was once engaged to Alfredo Diaz Ordaz, son of former Mexican President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz. They split after a four-year relationship, but remained close. Thalia was on set filming the telenovela Marimar when her mom broke the news that he had died. “When she told me, I started running and sat under a tree and prayed to God for his soul,” Thalia once said.

• Thalía's sisters, actress Laura Zapata and author Ernestina Sodi, were kidnapped in Mexico City in 2002 as they left a theater where Zapata had been performing. The family hired a team of private investigators and dealt directly with the kidnappers—who had reportedly asked for $1 million ransom—keeping the police out of the case (the Sodis reportedly thought the police may have been in league with the criminals). Zapata was released after 18 days, Sodi after 34 days.