Thalia's Emotional Roller Coaster

Since the death of her mother last month, Thalia has shared intimate details of her life via Twitter through personal photos and Tweets about her grief and happiness.  The Mexican singer/actress’ most recent outpouring was about the death of her mother, Yolanda Miranda, and birth of her son, Matthew Alejandro Mottola

Thalia Welcomes Second Baby!

In Spanish, Thalia described an intense mix of emotions.  “A month ago I lost my mother, my friend, my everything, and today, my son Matteo, my light, my strength, my hope comes home.  The paths in life are mysterious.  Thanking all of you for not letting go of my hand during this heavy time in my life.  I am immensely grateful.”

Thalia's Mother's Death and the Sodi Family's History of Tragedy

Yesterday, the 39-year-old also Tweeted that she didn’t know if her heart could take so much love and pain at the same time.

Thalia's Mother Laid to Rest in New York's Ferncliff Cemetery