Daily Chisme: Thalia and Tommy Mottola Getting Divorced? The Singer Says "No"

Good morning chisme lovers! Grab your café and take a little break with us!

- Could Thalia's 12-year marriage to Tommy Mottola be on the rocks? An insider revealed to TV Notas that the couple is having disagreements over the Mexican pop star's comeback with her new album, Habítame siempre. Thalia said she wants to be able to work as she did before, and he looked at her long and said, in a serious tone, you can not. Thalia was furious after that,” the source revealed. 

Despite the publication's claims, the former telenovela star is currently on tour in Spain promoting her new album. During her trip, she cleared up the divorce rumors on a Spanish morning talk show, according to People en Español. "There is no divorce between Tommy and I. There have been rumors about us separating since the day we got together. It's ridiculous," Thalia clarified.

The 41-year-old mami-of-two also said she's very private about her personal life for the sake of her children. "They are off limits to the press. I chose to become famous, but they didn't," she expressed.

We are glad she set the record straight! Did you believe the hype?