Thalia: "My Mother Put the Seed in Me That I Was Worth Something"


When Thalia spoke to LATINA in August of 2005, she spoke at length about how her mother, who managed most of Thalia's career, was her biggest champion.

"My mother put the seed in me that I was worth something," said the Mexican star. "She told me, 'Don't ever let anyone step on you. It doesn't matter if you're sitting with the owner of a company or the president of a country.' "

Their relationship did suffer a blow in 2000, right after Thalia married Tommy Mottola, when she decided to take the management of her career away from Yolanda. As anyone familiar with the often-told Thalia story knows, it was Yolanda who, from the beginning, had been the force behind her daughter. After Thalia's father died when she was only 5, Yolanda raised five daughters on her own and, in 1980, helped Thalia, the youngest, land her first gig with a band called Din Din. Years later, after Thalia's musical career had led to one in acting, Yolanda found herself in heated negotiations with Mexico's powerful, male-run Televisa network. She stood her ground—and walked away having made her daughter the highest-paid actress in Televisa history at the time.

The problem, Thalia said in 2005, was that her relationship with Yolanda had become too businesslike. "I wanted less manager, more mom," she told LATINA. Their relationship did heal itself, with Yolanda just this year talking about how she couldn't wait to be an abuelita again.

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