Thalia Back to Work In Spite of Baby Blues

Thalía is still mourning the loss of her mother Yolanda Miranda, who died from heart disease on May 27, but Thalía’s new son Matthew Alejandro Mottola seems to to be pushing her forward.

Thalia Welcomes Second Baby!

A few weeks have passed since baby Matthew was born, and the 39-year-old wife of music mogul Tommy Mottola seemed positively elated right after giving birth. But the last week seems to have found the pop star in a slump, which isn't that surprising given most new moms suffer from some version of he baby blues (especially with the recent death of someone so near and dear). Thalia expressed her sorrow via Twitter, posting lyrics from one of her well-known songs, “Entre El Mar Y Una Estrella.”  Part of her post read: “What I miss, life, and what I suffer, is as immense as the sun.” 

Thalia's Emotional Roller Coaster

Later she added: “When faith is strengthened, one notices that there is no need to feel in control—that things flow like they should and one should flow with them.” Now, Thalia is back on her radio show, and her son is obviously helping her cope with her loss. 

“Matteo is a ray of light, of hope, that has arrived in my life and truly has brought a smile to my face and we are very deeply moved,” the singer said on Conexión ThalíaThalia's first child with Mottola, 3-year-old daughter Sabrina Sakäe, is also taking to her new role as big sister.  “Sabrina loves him,” Thalía gushed.  “That’s her baby.”

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