Thalía’s Last Words to her Mother

It has been a week since the sudden death of Thalía’s mother, Yolanda Miranda, and the famous Sodi family has received an outpour of support from friends, family, and fans.  Shortly after her mother was laid to rest earlier this week in Ferncliff Cemetery in New York, the Mexican singer Tweeted her final words: “With much pain, we say goodbye to Yolanda Miranda Mange at her resting place.  We fulfilled her wishes: to come together in love and leave her remains in New York City.  With all our soul, we appreciate our families, friends, those we know and do not know, for the support, love, and discretion they have given our family in this very difficult time.  Eva, Laura, Federica, Gabriela, Ernestina and Thalía.” 

Accompanying the message was a photo of herself with her grandmother, Eva, and sisters Gabriela, Federica, Ernestina, and Laura on.  Miranda passed away from heart disease.