Telenovela Romances Gone Bad

Kate del Castillo and Aaron Diaz. William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez. Lately, telenovela-actor couples are splitting up all over the place. Maybe this is what happens when you take your work home with you. These telenovela actors and actresses who got together off set created as much romance and capital-D drama as the series they starred in. 

Kate del Castillo and Aarón Díaz Confirm Break Up

1. Telenovela Breakups: Aaron Diaz & Kate del Castillo

Kate Del Castillo and Aaron Diaz

The star of the mega-successful La Reina del Sur and her actor/singer hubby (Teresa) were married twice in 2009 after confirming their engagement in 2008—at a chapel in Vegas and a church in their native Mexico—but that wasn’t enough to save their marriage, and neither was love, apparently. In a statement, Diaz said that the two loved each other, but their successful careers were taking them in different directions, physically and careerwise.

2. Telenovela Breakups: William Levy & Elizabeth

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez

They were everyone’s favorite picture-perfect couple with the picture-perfect kids. Yet in May Gutierrez (El Fantasma de Elena) issued a statement saying that she’d stood by Cuban heartthrob Levy (Triunfo del Amor) for eight years “despite persistent rumors,” but that the Mexican American actress was ending their marriage for the sake of herself and her two children. Rumors said that he had fathered a love child. That was before other rumors linked him to Jennifer Lopez after she announced her own divorce. He denied the rumors. 

3. Telenovela Breakups: Francisco Gattorno & Cynthia

Francisco Gattorno and Cynthia Klitbo

He was a stud, she was a diva. It seemed a marriage made in telenovela heaven. But las malas lenguas said that Cuban actor Gattorno married the Mexican star to gain a foothold in the telenovela biz and the pair didn’t last. Last year, they reunited—onscreen in the telenovela Atrevete a Sonar. When asked about whether they would be reigniting their passion, Klitob quickly responded with a flat hell no: “That was 11 years ago,” she said. “I love him as a friend.”


4. Telenovela Breakups: Juan Osorio & Niurka

Niurka Marcos and Juan Osorio (Bobby Larios)

ProducerOsorio helped the provocative Cuban actress catacult to fame with Velo de Novia (co-starring Bobby Larios) but after a few happy years, she later said on TV, she simply stopped loving him, with their relationship downgrading into mere habit. That’s when Larios said he simply saw an opening and stepped in. Now the controversial couple is making the rounds justifying their love on Spanish-language TV. 

5. Telenovela Breakups: Itati Cantoral & Eduardo

Itati Cantoral and Eduardo Santamarina

The Mexican couple met on the set of De Frente al Sol in 1992, married eight years later and had twin boys. They seemed destined for super-cute couple of the century. They divorced, though, just three years afterward in an ugly fashion. The reason: infidelity (Santamarina and actress Susana Gonzalez were having an affair) and rumors of domestic violence, which Santamarina later denied, saying that the couple had hit each other.

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