Swizz Beatz Gets Heat For Excluding Local Artists and Latinos From Bronx Hip-Hop Event

Swizz Beatz Excludes Local Artists and Latinos From South Bronx Event

It should be a given by now that if you're going into an inner-city neighborhood to try and do positive and uplifting things, you get people who are actually from the 'hood involved. This should probably explain why the Bronx community is a just slightly upset with Swizz Beatz.

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The part-Puerto Rican music producer is hosting "No Commission NY: Art Performs," a four-day art fair in the South Bronx that is supposed to "show the world where hip hop started," according to Artnet. It is designed to directly benefit the artists and gives them free exhibition space for their work and 100 percent of the proceeds for their art sales.

However, Welcome2theBronx points out that this event doesn't seem like it's doing much to benefit the borough. For starters, only one of the 36 artists is actually from the Bronx. Another point is that very few of the artists are Latino, a culture that takes up the majority of the Bronx and has had a significant influence on hip-hop culture.

"If such an event as the No Commission Art Fair is to be held in our HOME it shouldn't be for gentrification purposes and the very least include a large portion of Bronx artists so that they too can tap into the philanthropic vein of funds that's ever so increasingly hard for artists to capture," wrote Welcome2theBronx.

On August 12, a collective of artists will participate in the "No Commission/No Bronx Artists Anti-Party," a protest at the Wall Works Gallery, holding paintings, instruments, scripts and more. 

But it does look like Swizz Beats was receptive to the criticism that Welcome2theBronx offered. According to Ed García Conde's Facebook page, he spent a little over two hours having real dialogue over concerns with the No Commission Air. Conde also posted that they have good news to report, so be sure to stay tuned.